Pen Refill Stick Making Machine

JS 284/VRF (Pen Refill Stick Making Machine)

Cotton Bud Sticks Making Machine


Feature Material   P.P.
Color   1
Product Outer Diameter mm 3.05mm ± 0.05mm
Product Length mm 128mm ± 0.10mm
Product Length pcs/min 300-550 pcs/min
Extruding Output Range kg/hr 10 – 20 kg/hr
Extruder Screw dia. mm Ø45
Screw L/D   25 : 1
Driving Motor hp AC 10 HP + Inverter
Automatic Thermo-Controller set 4
Water Tank
Vacuum Forming Device set 1
Vacuum Pump & Motor hp 1/2
Water Storage Tank set 1 set (6M)
Take Up &
Cutting Unit
Take Up Unit set Belt type, 1 set
Motor hp AC 1/2 HP with Inverter
Control Panel set 1
Cutting Wheel pc 1 set
Converting Wheel set 1
Others Dimension LxWxH m 7.03 x 1.27 x 1.64

* All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.