PP Straw Making Machine

JS 285/H & JS 286/H

High Speed PP Straw Making Machine JS 285/H & JS 286/H


PP Straw Making Machine
Feature Model JS 285 H series
Color 1, 2, or 3
Product Diameter mm Ø5.5 - Ø8
Product Length mm 180 - 270
Maximum Speed pcs/min 1400
Maximum Capacity m/min 280
Extruding Output Range kg/hr 35 - 50
Cutting Flat End
Extruder Main Screw mm Ø55
Sub Screw (if applicable) mm Ø30
Screw L/D 25:1
Vacuum Water Tank Vacuum Forming Device set 1
Length of Water Storage Tank m 5
Take Up & Cutting Unit Pulling Belts set 1
Cutting Knife set 1
Collection Tank set 1

* The outer diameter of the straw can be customized to Ø12mm upon request.
* The speed of the machines relies on the measurements of the straw.
* One extra color necessitates the use of an additional sub-screw.
* Certain parts must be changed in response to alterations in straw dimensions.