Straw Packing Machine

JS 602/4S Individual straw packing machine (4 side sealing, by OPP film)

JS 602 4S Model Single Straw Packing Machine

JUMBO STEEL JS 602/4S Individual straw packing machine provides more choices for straw packing to meet your specific needs. Upon request, the machine can pack straw length 19~26cm, adjustable with high efficency. Also, it's available to connect JS 168 Straw bending machine with a conveyor be a complete production line which results in higher productivity and greater convenience.


4 Sides Sealing Straw Individual Packing Machine
Model JS 602/4S
Straw Material   PP, PLA, PHA, Paper, etc...
Straw Dia. mm Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø12
Straw Length mm 190 - 260
Maximum Speed pcs/min 500 - 1200
Wrapping Material mm BOPP Film
Film Width pcs Straw length + 50
Sides of Sealing sides 4

* Select one diameter for each machine only
* Each machine is set to one diameter.
* The speed of the machines relies on both the measurements of the straw and the type of straw - flex