Tetra Pak Straw Packing Machine and Turn Key

JS 602

Straw Machine JS 602


  • The machine can perform sharp end cutting on the straws, ensuring all sharp ends are packing in the same direction.
  • All machine speeds are variable.
  • High production rate of 500-800 pcs/min.
  • Automatic machine stop in the event of strew jamming.
  • Automatic product counting. Product quantity preset. Once the present value is reached, the alarm will sound.
  • All rollers are manufactured from aluminum.
  • Suction device for sharp end waste.
  • The machine is easy to operate with minimum trouble.
The punching speed is synchronized with strawfeed speed to ensure accurate cutting.
(For easy tear)


PP/PLA I-Shape Tetra Pack Straw
Model JS 285 H series JS 602I
Straw Inner Diameter mm Ø3.8
Straw Outer Diameter mm Ø4.2
Straw Thickness mm 0.18 - 0.19
Straight Straw Length mm 90 - 130
Wrapping Material mm - OPP Film
Maximum Speed pcs/min 1300 1300

* Each machine is set to one diameter.
* The speed of the machines relies on both the measurements of the straw and the type of material used for the straw.